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GanDe Net-Tech(HongKong) Co., Ltd, under the jurisdiction of Rongcheng State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, possesses outstanding capabilities in corporate services, resource integration, system operations, and management. It provides industrial internet services for international small and medium-sized brands in the Chinese retail market.

Consultation White Paper

''One Data' is the core concept

Data Visualization

Visualized Business Intelligence, periodically updaing data.

Other Services

International logistics services, domestic warehousing and system services,bonded warehousing services, trademark services, channel qualification services, channel media maintenance, etc.

Channel Operation

Offering a complete range of online retail channel operation services

Distributor Program

Providing general trade and cross-border e-commerce services for small and medium-sized consumer goods brands from overseas in the Chinese cross-border retail market.

Digital Media&Marketing Solutions

Building a media martrix for brand development to reach a wider audience. 

Data Visulization Dashboard

Intelligent Warehousing

Live Streaming Sale


Since cooperating with Red Seal, we have been granted access to an increasing number of distribution platforms. Currently, we have 9 sales platforms, including Tmall,, Pinduoduo and others.

The sales of the brand's key product, Propolis Toothpaste, have been steadily rising on the sales platforms under our control.

In Feb 2024, sales of another key product, Children's Toothpaste, reached a total of $7,000.